A self-indulgent Author's note inre the 3rd, 20th anniversary edition of The Techno Pagan Octopus Messiah, Coming May 31st, 2018

Hey Folks,

First, Gratitude. Second,

Here's the F***ing deal, Okay?

IMHO, the book, as was published, is a mess. This is because...
1. The first draft was written in pen (google it), in fifteen run-on notebooks, which got mixed up because

2. I WAS SO HIGH on indian Government Bhang MY EYES WERE BLEEDING.

3. Upon acceptance for publication I was told:
     a) to alter certain events for legal reasons
     b) it must be less than 288 pages because books are bound in 12 page lots, we're on a limited budget and
     c) we don't have much time to edit so how 'bout you do that mostly yourself and on the quick, chop-chop. Therefore:


TPOM is, at heart, a memoir. It was published as a novel to avoid a lawsuit — and in the Hunter S. Thompson spirit of "fiction being the truest form of journalism." Since then, I have learned that no-one owns the rights to your life story and anyone can sue you for any reason at any time.
Over the last two years, I've been running a comb through TPOM: elaborating what was glossed-over, condensing what was repetitive and hewing things closer to the truth — while still not getting sued or writing outright fiction. To that end I have reinstated events from Varanasi, a favorite poem involving rocks, deeper conversations with Jimi Baba (a bonafide Hindu holy man?), and a potentially redemptive penultimate scene which somehow ended up on the cutting room floor.
Given all that I still stand by the first editions. They remain true to what I thought was best at the time and besides: TPOM was the what brought my beautiful wife and I together after she contacted me to replace a mutual friend's signed copy which she'd accidentally dropped off a canoe in southwest Thailand precipitating an 18-month long e-mail correspondence (no voice or photos) which culminated in us getting married in 2004 by a Sakalavan crocodile shaman in Morondava, Madagascar.
In short: the upcoming digital, paperback and soon to be audio editions will be a better telling of this whole ridiculous story.
And I truly hope you do enjoy it.
NAMASTE (literal Sanskrit translation: not me, you),

(There are people in this world who make everything worth it. Mrs. Cathy Winn is one of them)

  (It isn't breach of privacy when the photo's been on magazine covers. And that, my friends, is me covering MY ass.)   x

(It isn't breach of privacy when the photo's been on magazine covers. And that, my friends, is me covering MY ass.) x