IMPORTANT = (science/india + consciousness/DMT) + love

20th Anniversary Edition (Second) Coming to e-book and paperback May 31, 2018

New scenes. New characters. New cover.

Bad decisions: rectified

Limitations: removed

Liability: compromised

I am the editor I needed 20 years ago!

TPOM: Ahead of its time in '99

But will I publish the book in time? Watch me try!

Also Important = Using the Dog to tease your (completed!) next book For which you are Currently seeking mutually-rewarding collaboration with lovely people as opposed to wasted time with fake tough guys, aloof, Besuited jackals, monoculturalists or other bullsh*t time wasters of which I've seen my share.

All offers Thoughtfully considered!

And, if all goes smashingly well with TPOM (holds gun to own head, has been diagnosed psychotic before) I'll publish Californian on this same platform: a lawless, pre-digital memoir set in secret, native California.

from Emerald Bay to the Emerald Triangle by way of Jack Nicholson's (alleged) grow-house and the Thai/Burmese DMZ. So forget the Great American Novel. This is the great:


Drive fast.

Take chances.

Safety third.

You can take the Ian out of California but you can't...