important = finding a lovely agent/editor/publisher for my latest work!

(could it be you?)

It isn't the great american novel but it might be the great:



A lawless, pre-digital memoir set in secret, native California.

from Emerald Bay to the Emerald Triangle by way of Jack Nicholson's (alleged) grow-house and the Thai/Burmese DMZ. 

Drive fast.

Take chances.

Safety third.

(because you can take the Ian out of California but you can't...)

All offers thoughtfully considered!***

*** except by aloof, besuited jackals, monoculturalists or other bullsh*t time wasters of which the dog and I have seen our share

Also IMPORTANT = (science/india + consciousness/DMT) + love

20th Anniversary Edition (Second) Coming to e-book and paperback May 31, 2018

New scenes. New characters. New cover.

Bad decisions: rectified

Limitations: removed

Liability: compromised

I am the editor I needed 20 years ago!

TPOM: Ahead of its time in '99

But will I publish the book in time? Watch me try!